Aug 14, 2012

Tickled Pink

Kendall Creative is tickled pink to partner with Studio B to develop a mural for the exterior wall of the Dallas-based dance studio. The bright pink and bouncing “B”s mirror the fun atmosphere that young dancers experience inside the studio and reflects the personality of the studio’s owner. Props to Steve Hunter at for his outstanding work.


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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We are seeing a trend develop in the annual Red Rabbit guys trip to Lake Cypress Springs in East Texas – movie themes. What started as an excuse to play golf and watch some Final Four action, has turned into a branded event complete with “competitive” ping pong, horseshoes, canoe races, darts, ring & hook and of course golf. The winning captain of that year’s events takes home the Red Rabbit (think garden gnome in rabbit attire). The fun twist on the brand is the introduction of the movie theme. T-shirts, golf apparel, koozies, etc are branded each year with the movie-themed Rabbit. We can’t wait to see what movie they choose next year…

Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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Established in 1983, Tex-Air Delivery, Inc. is a licensed motor carrier that operates out of Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Tex-Air recently announced a strategic partnership with AirTrans, Hammer Down Delivery and R&R Cartage. The new freight delivery partners asked Kendall to assist with an updated logo design. The resulting logo (above, right) communicates the idea of the open road, motion and connectivity. The new logo will translate well across the additional Tex-Air branded materials. Watch our site for the revised Tex-Air website… which will be delivered soon.


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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We are happy to announce that the good folks at have deemed our work worthy of being included in their book “LogoLounge Volume 7″. The logo we created for our fun-loving friends at Beardski was selected from over 36,000 logos that were entered for consideration.

The logo was designed by Ben Dolezal, in cooperation with art direction from Mark Platt.

Click here to see the official announcement about our featured work from LogoLounge.

Beardski Mount Everest Logo


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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The Dallas Morning News recently praised Turner Courts Recreation Center for being a bright spot in the Bonton area of South Dallas. We are pleased to know that the message of hope we helped create for Turner Courts has inspired residents in nearby areas to take pride in their community.

Turner Courts Recreation Center

Click on the image to view the Turner Courts case study

On March 9, 2012, staff writer Diane Jennings wrote:

“In the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton, trash piles up along fences, stray dogs roam the streets and clumps of men loiter outside the liquor store.

Then there are the bright spots: the pristine Turner Courts Recreation Center, dozens of nicely kept Habitat for Humanity homes — and the determination of residents like Clifton Reese and Velma Mitchell.

Reese and Mitchell are founding members of the fledgling Bonton Neighborhood Association and unlikely allies in the battle against the neglect and indifference that pervade the community. He’s a reformed drug dealer, and she’s the mother of a son killed in a drive-by shooting. But both share a passion for Bonton.” Click here to continue reading


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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Kendall Creative was awarded a bronze ADDY for design on the website & configurator at the 2012 Fort Worth ADDY Awards competition. Kendall partnered with interactive development firm Enilon out of Fort Worth to win this honor. Kendall was presented the award for excellence in the ‘Interactive Media (Websites, B-to-B HTML/Other)’ category.

The ADDY Awards, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious competitions in the advertising industry. The annual event strives to recognize and reward creative excellence in the art of advertising.

Mottega Website

Click on the image to view the full Mottega website

Individuals credited for the award include Claire Brunner (Account Manager – Enilon), Craig Bowes (Application Developer – Enilon), Kevin Bassham (Interface Developer – Enilon) and Mark K. Platt (Creative Director – Kendall). Kendall designers Tim Childress and Ben Dolezal provided additional design consultation for the Mottega website.

We are proud of the work that was featured in the 2012 Fort Worth ADDY Awards, and are thrilled to be recognized publicly among our peers in the advertising and design community. Kendall is always looking to partner up with clients who understand the importance of creating something unique. Partner with us so we can win gold next year.

Click here to view more of the Mottega case study.


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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Three of our logos were selected to be featured in the LogoLounge book series “Master Library Volume 4: 3000 Type and Calligraphy Logos.” The book, which was published in February 2012, features one of the strongest collections of typographic logos assembled. We are honored to be included among such a select group of designers.

Featured logos include St. Thomas Aquinas School of Rock, St. Thomas Aquinas Mornings for the M.O.S.T. and 121 Marketing.


 Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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When Executives In Action was ready to take their brand to new heights, Kendall jumped in to assist. Executives In Action is a consulting firm that builds community by strengthening non-profits and supporting executives in transition. Kendall Creative helped align the EIA brand with communications materials that conveyed a consistent message and updated visual direction. Materials that Kendall was asked to create include the website, corporate collateral, Impact Profiles, newsletter and online marketing.


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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Kendall Creative recently partnered with Blue Chip Advisors LLC to aid in the development of an executive benefits insurance packet for GameStop. If you haven’t heard of GameStop, it’s the world’s largest video game retailer, ain’t no thang, but really…it is. Kendall creative took an “in control” approach creating a folder displaying the four arrows on a gaming controller. Dark, ominous and centered around the good stuff. That’s one big controller and you know what they say, the bigger the better.  In this case it just happens to be about the benefits.












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Dec 20, 2011

Holiday Survival Kit

Kendall Creative provides creative solutions to the world’s most vexing problems. Whether you need a new corporate identity, package design, website, or just some direction on how to get the most out of your holiday season, we are ready to help.

Holiday Survival Kit:

These two items can help you survive and thrive in the most difficult holiday conditions.

1. Lampshade

2. Novelty beard (or Beardski)

These items when worn together or separate are great if you need to:

- Keep your face warm (self explanatory)

- Hide from the in-laws (the beard has ninja powers)

- Wipe your bum (it is good to have a back-up plan)

- Rob a bank (not recommended)

- Tickle someone

- Win a “Brian Wilson at a Holiday Party” look-alike contest

- Look older

- Impersonate a hiding Santa

- Cover up hickies received at the office party

- Fix that $6 haircut


Happy Holidays from all of us at Kendall Creative


Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas. 

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